From Classroom to Space

Since autumn 2021, ESERO Austria again offers the school service “From the Classroom into Space” for schools and teachers. Astronomers bring the starry sky directly into the classroom. There will be a choice of topics relating to the starry sky, the solar system, constellations and light pollution.

In individual cases, special topics can also be covered. The level will be adapted to the previous knowledge or age of the pupils in consultation with the teachers. The online event begins with a presentation of the sky by day and by night, an explanation of the cardinal points, the daily rotation of the Earth and the constellations. After an explanation of light pollution, we look at planets that are currently visible and selected objects in the sky. The presentation ends with the sunrise followed by a discussion and questions from the students. The event will be conducted using Stellarium and the meeting platforms TEAMS or ZOOM.

Stellarium is a free astronomy programme under GNU General Public License for simulating a planetarium. The software runs under Microsoft Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux.